And I heard the Lord say,

"The number 120 has great significance!"

 (and the meaning of other numbers)




We know “God’s Word” has countless revelations if we only ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us what He is saying.
When His light is shed, it opens our understanding.


My prayer for many years has been “to show me the Hidden Things”.

Some will say,  “just live what you know and you will do well” and that is true to a point.

However, it is my belief that when we see something that has eluded us for years and suddenly we discover a passage that speaks to us it can be a refreshing wind.


“These hidden things” when found give you a new hunger! Whenever we see a new piece of God’s truth being revealed to us it will drive us deeper into the things of God.


Likewise numbers also have (pardon the pun) innumerable meanings when applied.


Numbers can be manipulated to prove or disprove just about anything in the Scriptures. However, we do know that our God is the creator of physics, geology, and every type of science, including that of mathematics.


There is a study of “Metrology” which is the science of weights and measurements

For instance certain words dictate a measurement, distance or weight used in the Bible.

A Hebrew Cubit = about 18 inches

A Reed = 8.75 feet

A Sabbath Day’s journey = 2,000 cubits or 1,000 yards

A Furlong = 1/8 th of a mile or 220 yards

A Talent = 93 lbs. 12 ounces (considered to be 100# or about that of what a man can lift

A Denarius (Gk) = The daily Wages of a laborer


When you come to these words and you apply them, the passages will become more real and will be invaluable to you in your study.



Years ago, the Lord spoke to me regarding the importance and significance of the Number “120”.


 And He said,

“The number 120 signifies the passing away the age of the flesh and the beginning of the age of the Spirit”.


 Each time you see the number 120 in the Bible, you will see how this “Definition” will apply and enhance your perception of what is taking place in that particular passage.




  1. “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years” Genesis 6:3
  2. Moses lived 120 and died just prior to the Hebrews entering in to  “The Promised Land” Deut. 34:7
  3. 120 Priests with King Solomon when they brought the Ark of the Covenant up to Jerusalem. 2nd Chronicles 5:12
  4. 120 were gathered in the upper room when to the Holy Spirit came upon them.
  5. The first Gentile Believer Cornelius who lived in Caesarea (which is 120 miles North of Jerusalem). 
  6. PETRA is 120 SE of Jerusalem, Petra will be the hiding place in the future.
  7. 120 members in the modern day Israeli Knesset who govern Israel.
  8. There are 120 Jubilees

A Jubilee is a 50-year Jewish cycles that removed every man out of captivity & into his own land. 
120 of these Jubilees (50 years) = 6,000 years of man.


There are several other examples of the number “120” that can easily be applied.






The Number Two also has Significance

 The number “two” has broad significance to both the Jew and to the Gentile!


In the Tenach for the Jew and the Bible of the Christian there are several hidden references to the Jew and the Gentile.

 Two = Jew and the Gentile, what will become The One New Man, spoken of in Eph 2:15.




    1.  The Two Witnesses, Enoch and Elijah (the first Gentile & the first Jew who were taken by
         God without dying a physical death. Who later show up in Revelation 11:3-12  
    2.  The creditor came for the widow’s two sons, symbolic of the Jew & the Gentle.
         2nd Kings 4:1
    3.  The Two Olive Trees (the cultivated & the uncultivated olive trees) Romans 11:24
    4.  The Two Fish (2 fish & 5 loaves)  The Jew, The Gentile and 5 the number of Grace.
         (Grace on the Jew and the Gentile).

  The two thieves on the cross with Jesus. Matt 27:38 and Mark 15:27
Meaning, that Jesus
         died for the Jew and the Gentile who were  both guilty of sin.





"Significance of Other Numbers"


Three = The Triune God, the Trinity.

Four = Trial or examination or inspection
(Yeshua was inspected four different times.
1st by chief priest and scribes,
2nd by Pilate,
3rd by Herod and
4th back to Pilate. 

Therefore Jesus was going through the process of being inspected or examined as the perfect Lamb.
Job was examined by four men.
Eliphaz "god of gold", appeals to the natural,
Bildad, "Which see", one who knows it all,
Tozofar "whistle or chirper",  or could say the annoying one.
Elihu, "my G-d is he", was young, angry and without wisdom. (introduced in chapter 32.

Five = Grace (example, book of Galatians, Paul's defense of grace, 5th book after the 4 gospels, oh and 5 letters!

Six = A completed Work, the number of man.


Seven = Rest or Shabbat

Ten = Test There are several Scriptures that prove this out, start with Rev.
2:10 which states:
Do not fear any of those things which you are about to suffer. Indeed, the devil is about to throw some of you into prison, that you may be tested, and you will have tribulation ten days. Be faithful until death, and I will give you the crown of life.
Also look at Is 7:10, Acts 15:10, 1st Corinthians chapter 10, Luke 10:25, Mark 10:2 and others. The 10 can fall on a verse or chapter.
Eleven = an incomplete number (for this teaching please look under Teachings page,  "The Government of God"

Twelve =  The Government of God, see ................................................
Teachings page,   "The Government of God"

Forty = Judgment,
4 trial or examination X 10 test = 40. Forty years in the desert.

One hundred and twenty = End of the Age of the flesh and the beginning of the Age of the Spirit!


Steve Grable