Why Should I invest in Zion Oil?

“Now is the time to favor Zion”





 There are several reasons to invest in Zion Oil and Gas


1.  First and foremost, God repeatedly states to bless Israel.
     I will bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her. Israel is the apple of His eye.
     They will prosper that love thee.



2.  The Bible is laced with prophetic words with regard to oil being found in Israel    

     in the later days. If we do believe that these are the last days and most people do  
     regardless of their faiths, there is little time! According to Ezekiel 38,
     when Israel is living in her land this is considered the latter days!

     Even if oil were to found in Israel this very week, it would take perhaps two years plus to    

     bring in to place infrastructure to get the oil on to the markets. Pipelines would  

     need to be constructed, channels would require dredging to allow tankers to 

     come in and be loaded, and shipping docks would need to be built and or 

     enlarged. There are many logistics that would have to be worked through.



3.  From a science point of view both geological and satellite surveys have
     looked extremely promising for reserves of oil in the land of Israel. Only recently (1-17-09) another company drilling off   
     shore just west of Haifa has struck the largest reserve of natural gas ever found in Israel.
     (see "Will Oil be Found in Israel?)



4.  Investing in Zion Oil could be viewed as “tithing” to God.

     Zion Oil and Gas will be giving Israel 12.5% of all proceeds, in addition to this, another 3% to Israeli charities and   
     another  3% to world charities of all gross profits.


5.  The Lord gave “The parable of the Talents”, (Mat 25:14-29)

     The master expected the servants to invest their time, personal talents and      

     resources wisely and to increase His initial investment in us so that we may be

     found faithful in the little things so that He might make us rulers over much.


I believe that I received a word regarding this Scripture.

When I said to the Lord, "I would give this as a tithe to the Lord for Israel".


This is when I heard the Lord say, "When I gave the 5, 2 and 1 talents,
I expected a return on My investment,

and so should you!"



6.  There are no coincidences, John Brown owner of Zion Oil and Gas was born for  

     such a time as this. Having become a believer in Jesus was also touched by a man, Jim Spillman.
     It is my belief that an impartation of destiny took place for John Brown, to find Oil in Israel!



7. Ezekiel 38:11-12

   V11  And thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to    
           them that are at rest, that dwell safely, all of them dwelling without walls,
           and having neither bars nor gates,

   V12  To take a sp oil, and to take a prey; to turn thine hand upon the desolate   
            places that are now inhabited, and upon the people that are gathered out of
            the nations, which have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the midst of
            the land.  (KJV)

8.  Finally just good investment strategy!
     From a perspective of “Risk vs Reward, by investing the minimum of $1,000, purchases 100 shares 
     WHICH comes with 100 Warrants which entitles BUT does not obligate the owner to purchase an
     additional 100 shares at $7.00 per share that may be exercised until January of 2012. 
     When oil is found, these shares will be worth many, perhaps hundreds of times their initial investment
  NOTE Dated 1-19-09, Although this offer is no longer available, you can go to the American Stock Exchange
     and purchase Zion Oil and Gas either through your broker or online.  

One last issue we have not addressed, that is the infinite wisdom and humor of God!
I believe it to be in the very nature of God, to cause all the nations of the earth to nearly panic because of the scarcity of petroleum and every nation will run to and fro looking to satisfy their desperate need for oil. At this same time the nations are aligning more and more against Israel forcing her to give up their land in order to appease the Arabs and their supply of oil. 
 The nature of God, I believe, would be to plant the largest reserve of oil right “beneath the feet of the Jews,”
specifically in the “foot of Asher”.


Currently and for several years Israel has been importing their oil from Russia.

It could be easily understood why the discovery of oil in Israel has been held off until now. While Russia was exporting oil to Israel, she also allowed many Jews to make Aliyah back in to the Land of Israel, the ways of God!


As of two years ago, Israel was importing 80% of her oil from Russia, 10%

domestically, and 10% from open markets.

Note: Russia’s  production from their oil reserves have been consistently dropping over these past few years.

Which will cause her to come down for a sp oil in the later days.